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Created on 2013-08-09 23:23:22 (#2065629), last updated 2013-08-16 (213 weeks ago)

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Community description:flight rising
[community profile] hatchery was created to bring together the members of Flight Rising. Somewhere everyone can discuss the dragons, trade, sale and arrange breedings and of course the latest news! Membership is currently open.

Posts should be about Flight Rising: Please don’t stray into posts about RL or fandoms unless there is Flight Rising connection.
One post per topic per person per day: e.g if you are selling 1 or six dragons, please keep them in the same post and tag appropriately.
Be nice to others: No scamming, begging, arguing or bad mouthing others. This includes the staff of Flight Rising and other members of Flight Rising who aren’t part of the group.
Please use dw cuts and tag your posts: This will make make it easy for others to search through the posts. If you need a new tag please request one from a mod here
Contact a mod of you have any problems: Mod contact is here

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basic, battling, breeding, circuit, clown, coliseum, dragons, eyespot, fae, familiar, flight rising, freckle, games, gembound, gems, genes, guardian, imperial, iridescent, mirror, pealcatcher, reserves, ridgeback, seraph, shimmer, skydancer, speckle, spiral, stripes, tiger, treasure, tundra, wildclaw
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