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To get everything started here's the obligatory friending meme! Feel free to add gifs or anything else you fancy.

Date: 2013-08-16 08:41 pm (UTC)
spaz: (typical bond)
From: [personal profile] spaz
Name: Spaz
Age: 27
Flight Rising User name: thunderballs
Plurk:[ profile] sp4ztard
Tumblr: n/a
Favourite breed: Guardians and Snappers with Wildclaws close behind.
Favourite gene: Depends on the colours! Clown for brighties. Also love iri and shimmer.
Current Breeding plans: Got a couple of starter breed pairs who are gened, also trying to pimp out my tropical fish WC boy to maybe an imp or equally brightly gened wc girl. I'd really like to get a circuit pair eventually, but that's in teh futurez c: I keep to a really small lair for the most part.
Interests| Fandoms: James Bond, James Bond and James Bond. Also Star Wars, Archer, WoW, Borderlands, Ass Creed and mass other films, books and videogames. Oh, and RPing.
Anything else:



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