Date: 2013-08-16 06:47 pm (UTC)
rubberspaceduck: (Default)
Name: Sylph
Flight Rising User name: ghostingsylph
Plurk: [ profile] rubberspaceducky
Tumblr: [ profile] rubberspaceducky
Favourite breed: Snapper
Favourite gene: Toss up between iridescent/shimmer and clown.
Current Breeding plans: I have a Ridgeback I'm hoping to breed soon and also working up to turning my Mirror prog into a Spiral to breed with my Snapper.
Interests| Fandoms: RP, Lost Girl, Teen Wolf, True Blood, Marvel, DC, comics/manga/anime in general, Homestuck...list goes on...
Anything else:
 photo bunfall_zps332ec93f.gif
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