Date: 2013-08-18 02:39 pm (UTC)
doughty: ((ᴘʀιɴcᴇ))
From: [personal profile] doughty
Name: Isaac
Age: 23
Flight Rising User name: gunmetal
Plurk: [ profile] undauntable
Tumblr: [ profile] hackersuit
Favourite breed: Guardian.
Favourite gene: It's probably shimmer.
Current Breeding plans: UM. A lot. Saving up to get some genes for my Pearlcatcher and Snapper and once they're ready to breed, going to find them someone to breed with to make all the pretty babies.
Interests| Fandoms: RP, Dead Space, Teen Wolf, Once Upon a Time, Resident Evil, Marvl and DC, Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, a lot of things, really..
Anything else:

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